Welcome to Ink Photography.

Originally from England, we have made our home here in BC. We met in 2012 working as photographers for a large company in Whistler. It was an easy and inevitable friendship, built on our passion for taking photos and drinking wine. We are passionate, excitable, romantic and fun. We both have an intense love for traveling and have explored many corners of the world before settling in Whistler. The adventure has not ended here and we feel exceptionally lucky to call this beautiful place our home.

Ink Photography specializes in weddings, lifestyle, and family photography. We capture the playfulness of children and the natural comfort of a couple. With a wedding, it's all about the magic; the smiles, the colours, the laughter, anticipation and the excitement. We have a clear, natural, documentary style and focus on capturing parts of your day that you may not even be aware of; those fleeting moments that you will cherish forever.

Being invited to be a part of the most intimate moments of a persons life, be it your engagement, precious moments with your children or your wedding, is a privilege.

These moments can go by in an instant, and we will be there to help make those memories last a lifetime.

About us…

Allie: I studied Photography in college and spent many hours dancing around the dark room, mixing chemicals and learning the almost lost art of film photography. While at university I chose to follow a long held dream and completed my Bachelors degree with honors in Interior Architecture. It was an incredible way to channel my creative mind, but after working in the field for a while, my itch to explore got the better of me and I galloped off on a solo trip around the world. It was then that I started to see the creativity and beauty in the world that might otherwise pass people by. The people I met inspired me to document their lives and in turn, my own. Ever an adventurer at heart, I love to capture the passing moments, different cultures and the innate beauty of people and animals in nature. 


Nicky: Here goes, a little bit about me. Let me start from the beginning; I have been studying photography since picking up my first film camera in high school and achieved a number of qualifications including a bachelors degree with honors in photography. I ran my own photography company for a short time in England before taking the leap to travel the world and settle on greener pastures. Whistler has been my home since 2010 and I am the happiest I have ever been since moving here. I live with my husband and am surrounded by wonderful people who have helped make this my home. People are what draw me to photography, I have always been fascinated by them, their features and expressions, their emotions and the choices they make. I love the spontaneity and realism and capturing their beauty and strength. Working with kids for so many years through teaching, childcare and managing kids programs has helped me develop my patience, dedication and my caring nature. I understand that things don’t always go as planned, and that’s ok. That’s life.